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2012 Vic, Barcelona.

Rehabilitation of an old industrial venue which was abandoned many years ago and presents a very deteriorated state. The venue is located within the downtown of Vic, which makes the hole operation very prfitable and socially interesting.

The rehabilitation is taken place with high effciency tactics in order to reduce the ecological footprint while increasing the life of the buildings. the reactivation is based on a territorial analysis, which reveals the necessity of a greater control and investigation of the meat industry of the area and the waste it produces.

The small street that used to separate the two rows of industrial buildings is appropriated by the project and all communications (horizontal and vertical) are now placed there, leaving the complete surface of the buildings to be used for new purposes. The street is also covered with a light steel structure and an ETFE roof made of cushions with three layers to improve the thermal behavior and to create a cushion space with a more moderate temperature than the exterior.