Biscotto coffee
2014, Lleida, Catalunya.

Project for the refurbishment and interior design of a new coffee shop franchise with a unique sense of typical, modernity and the relaxed atmosphere that the client was aspiring.

The budget, demanded a very interesting cost managing exercise, creating the opportunitty to try different solutions than the typical resolutions of an interior design development.

The opportunity came along to introduce own furbishment and finishing solutions from different sources, some that falls far from the coffee industry. Recycled materials, reused and readapted materials are everywhere to be find in the project, improving the also desired sustainability feature demanded by the Client and the budget as well, all, creating a unique warm and relaxed atmosphere.

One of the most interesting features of the design is the great window from where the cooking process can be seen from the street. Not only represents a clean connection of the inner core of the coffee with all the potential clients, but is has also became a spectacle for kids who witness a cheff cooking and creating live the funny and tasty looking muffins the shop has to offer.