Artic Prison
2011 Norway.

The project is is a great programatic exercise to create a prison in the artic for millonairs and executives who have defrauded the system or those who have created a worldwide scam, spending the savings of thousands.

The project is, therefore, a high class, executive prison somewhere in the artic. An emprisonment in lonelisness and the harshness of the environment apart from the privation of freedom.

The project final layout borns from a false perspective exercise, creating non-real situation from the perspective point of view, what looks like, thanks to kind deformations, is not the final product of space, which is why the difference in height from one side of the cell and the other.

This false perspective reflects the lies of the scams from which the inmates benefitiated to create their fortunes, now they are forced to live in a non-stable space, although static.