– Architecture Design,
– Landscape Design
– Revitalising & restructuring
– Mix-use ensembles
– Public buildings
– Office buildings
– Housing
– Public space & urban furnishings
– Research & development
– Master planning


AAIMM is based in Barcelona, Spain, and has official partners and representation in Rotterdam and Dubai.


AAIMM is a firm that specializes in Design, Research and Development of full projects of Architecture, Urbanism, Landscape and Interior Design.

Our creative process beggins with understanding that the spaces in which we live, move, love and grow are required to be more than an anonymous, repetitive and predictable solution attached to an increasingly unpredictable market; forever-lasting value of Architecture is the final goal of our experiences, research, compromise and design.

AAIMM’s mission is to create unrepeatable, sustainable, memorable and sensitive spaces.

Since its founding, AAIMM has worked in various settings and scales with different collaborative approaches, methodologies and implementation techniques, making each project and proposal very unique and unrepeatable.

We work closely with customers, engineerings and other consultancies which are relevant in each stage to make the most of each project within a mandatory framework of efficiency, sustainability, contemporary aesthetic, sensitivity, quality and environment exceptional execution; designs made for the comfort of its visitors and users in harmony with their communities and their natural environment.

The foundational stone of AAIMM’s method is the human need; the symbiosis between technology, nature, the communities we impact and the movement that energizes districts, neighborhoods and cities; synergy of life, environment and habitat interface.

Added value is a key sign of our commitment to provide our customers and their communities much more than an obvious answer; within AAIMM values, research, integrated design and sustainability are key elements that keep us in suspense with a desire to excel and always improve ourselves in close connection with our customers and partners.


Angel Cerezo Cerezo
M. Architect. Officially registration COAC 67199
Building Engineer. Officially registration COAIAT 171173

Alejandro Ribas Mercau

Isacio Garcia Roldán 

Martin Negri 

Elisa Battilani 



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Main Office:
Plaça Molina, 15, Barcelona. 

AAIMM does not accept offers for unpaid internships. This practice devalues our profession, your knowledge and talent, and provides lawbreakers an unfair market advantage.