Pedestrian Boulevard Masterplan
2013, Santa Eulalia des Rius, Ibiza.

Project for master plan design of the existing commercial strees Sant Isidre Macabich. The proposal called for a new and improved face for the commercial street, creating a great promenade from the city downtown to the Mediterranean Sea.

The city was to become one of the mos important commercial and retail streets of the city, already perpendicular to most circulated street. The Master plan proposes a commercial ring, incluiding in the design the sea front, creating a close circuit of retail and commercial use.

The street features a water line falling from the higher topograpgy in the downtown, falling constantly to the sea level a long with the inhabitants out for a stroll. According to the legend that grants name to the city, Santa Eulalia cried during a severe drought and filled all the water wells of Barcelona. The metaphor of a river, continuosly flowing, honors the Saint of the city.