Mixed-use building
2009 Sant Adrià del Besoòs, Barcelona
AAIMM + Marc Diaz Gallego + Guillem Daviu


Sant Adrià del Besòs is a town nearby Barcelona that has growth without direction or concrete plan for the lasts 20 years. The city does not take profit of the beautiful sea shore that it has.

The morphology of the city is a complete cluster type center with an open market, a dorsal spine street (‘Rambla’) and a beach. Even if the beach could were a nice place, this is an area that people do not use because it is too difficult to arrive to. The train railways are in betwen the city and the sea, cutting this direct connection.

The important key of the project is to link the existing enormous old thermal-electrical central with the beach and the city avenue. We propode a dialogue between the central and our tower landmark.

We create a ‘slow street’ where the shops and the activities can be used by the citizens at pedestrian speed and passivity. This street has some new landmark buildings. This buildings are visual points for the people taking stroll one way or the other.

The buildings are equiped with a sort of mixed-use functions like auditorium, open spaces, shops, hotel and restaurant in the top of the building, and a high plaza on the top of the train station.