Recover of an Historical Street
2011, Eindhoven, Netherlands

- Saie Selection 2011 Student Award.
- 2nd Prize. ‘Concrete Category’. Jury: Mario Cucinella, Bologna (Italy), September 2011
- ONCE Foundation. National Award. 1st Prize. Best Project. Madrid (Spain), October 2011

The project is a LINE.

The street connects different interesting points of the city like the church, the historical market, educational buildings, the piazza, existing public gardens, the shopping mall…with the historical centre of Eindhoven.

It is a civic space as a public space for the citizens recovered to the cars.

Retrieve historical traces that survive in the city and in the collective memory.

Convert this path bring vitality and keep it to slow circulation. It is a critic of our century to the architects Van den Broek & Bakema. During the sixties and seventies this architects tried to delete the existing historic roads in the city.

These roads and traces remain in the collective imagination, and where the citizens are currently on a bike and travel everyday.

The main idea of the project is to preserve the memory of the place and retrieve one of the historic roads. It is about recognizing and preserving a line (trace) to redesign it as public space for citizens.

The line is convert in the: main street, urban bridges and small urban buildings, as a fractal architecture.


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